Holiday Account: Friday, 28th October, 1977

Having awoken at 5.55 a.m., I arose five minutes later to shower and wash my hair. Tiki dried it for me, with the use of her ‘Carmen’. We departed at twenty-five past seven with me behind the wheel of the ‘Galant’, just in case there was anything wrong with the electrical wiring within its steering column.

On the way home from work, Tiki parked in the large dirt car park at the south-eastern corner of The Kingsway and Kiora Road. We crossed the latter to the building society where she deposited sixty-five dollars to bring the account’s balance, that we hope one day will go towards a Fijian holiday, to five hundred dollars.

As we have received no worthwhile rain in months, I watered both the front and back lawns. Sydney’s maximum temperature reached twenty-five degrees Celsius. Yet, again, it felt as though it was warmer than that.

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