Operation Pending: Monday, 24th October, 1977

“The Big Match”, at 6.00 p.m., was only viewed for thirty minutes. It contained the highlights of the match from the Second Division, which was played between Crystal Palace and Southampton. The former stars, Alan Ball and Peter Osgood, were playing for the latter.

We drove to the hospital, where “Mum” had admitted herself an hour earlier. She was found to be in a cheerful mood, regardless of the fact that she was scheduled to have an operation on the top vertebrae of her spine tomorrow at 7.45 a.m.

The only other patient in her room was watching a television that she had rented from the hospital. Rather than do likewise, “Dad” and Wendy, both of whom were already there when we arrived, returned home to get the small portable, which would only receive channels Two and Ten, in black and white.

We left her to watch “The Rockford Files” and arrived home in time to view the second edition of “The Moneychangers” on Channel Ten. The English actress, Joan Collins, swims naked in a pool, in order to seduce the character that is being portrayed by the Canadian actor, Christopher Plummer.


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