Silver Jubilee Year: Wednesday, 26th October, 1977

“Dad” arrived at half past seven on a bright, sunny morning. He delivered the galvanised pipes that now have a shorter and narrower length of piping welded at right angles to the end of each.

After work, we arrived at Tiki’s parents’ by half past five. Her father already had their old Westinghouse kitchen stove disconnected and I helped him carry it out to his red Chrysler Valiant ‘Town and Country’ utility. He is to deliver it to a mate’s weekender at Wyangala Dam tomorrow.

It was dark by seven o’clock. “The Royal Family”, screened on Channel Seven from half past seven. The programme is in honour of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, in this, the year of her Silver Jubilee.

Tiki washed the dishes while I dried them. Her mother is still in agony, in spite of having had her neck manipulated yesterday. More than a decade ago her car was rammed from behind and she received whiplash from the sudden impact.

We returned home by half past eight and watched the fourth and final episode of “The Moneychangers”. Kirk Douglas plays the part of a wonderful person, while the character portrayed by Christopher Plummer is the complete antithesis.

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