Victorians See The Light!: Tuesday, 25th October, 1977

It has been a gloriously sunny day, accompanied by a maximum temperature of twenty-one degrees Celsius. En route to Tiki’s parents’, I visited the florist shop, Shire, to buy some flowers for her mother. Whilst there I had a change of mind and spent ten dollars, instead, on a pot plant summising that it would hopefully still be extant long after flowers had withered and been discarded. “Mum” had arrived home after 3.00 p.m., having had her vexatious neck manipulated. She had opted out of the operation, which had been scheduled for this morning, after having given the matter considerable thought overnight.

The strike within Victoria’s power industry, ended today after an arduous eleven weeks. Nineteen seventy-seven has certainly been a year of strikes!

“The Dave Allen Show” followed “Willesee”. The diminutive, Irish comedian, who is a chain-smoker, certainly is a talent! Albeit, an irreverent one.

We left at twenty past eight, in order to be home in time for the third instalment of “The Moneychangers”.

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