“You Drive!”: Thursday, 27th October, 1977

As we were about to leave for work, we noticed that about half of the contents from our garbage bin laid strewn on the nature strip, in front of our property. I moved to pick up the rubbish but Tiki told me to leave it, informing me that she would ring Sutherland Council and register a complaint.

After work, we transported a number of cardboard boxes to Tiki’s parents’. Her mother is going to use them, in which to store the goods from her old kitchen cupboards. “Dad” had left for Wyangala Dam at one o’clock this afternoon. Next week he is going to tear out the existing cupboards to make way for new ones. We stayed there until half past five.

As we entered Kiora Road we could not help but notice that smoke was being emitted from the steering column of the ‘Galant’. This had transpired immediately after Tiki’s activation of the car’s blinker. I told her that we should ask her mother to drive us to work tomorrow, however, she chose not to concur and commanded me to drive on until we had reached home.

Tiki removed everything from the cupboards in our kitchen so that she could then respray them with ‘Baygon’, in an attempt to put an end to the plague of moths to which we have been subjected.

At seven o’clock, on his show, “Willesee”, Michael Willesee interviewed the Prime Minister, Malcolm Fraser, as well as his predecessor, Gough Whitlam, because it was officially announced today that a federal election is to be held on the tenth of December.

Tiki, meanwhile, washed the dishes, and, at half past seven on Channel Seven, we watched a most impressive wildlife documentary, “The Predators”, that is narrated by the actor, Robert Redford.

We left at nine o’clock to walk through Miranda and Gymea via a route that surrounds an area we now refer to as the “block”. I have now walked five hundred and ninety-one miles. The humidity made today’s maximum temperature of twenty-five degrees Celsius, appear to be considerably warmer.

Today I have had Crystal Gayle’s current release, “Don’t It Make Your Brown Eyes Blue”, on the brain.


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