Brian Henderson Honoured: Sunday, 9th October, 1977

I awoke at ten to seven and arose at half past the hour to buy a copy of “The Sun-Herald”, at a cost of twenty cents, from the passing paperboy. Graham Marsh, has won the most prestigious tournament of his career, the Piccadilly Match Play. As its name would suggest it was held in England. In the final, the Australian defeated the American, Ray Floyd, five and three. Graham’s younger brother, Rodney, played Test cricket for Australia as both a wicketkeeper and a batsman. Earlier this year he signed to play for Kerry Packer’s troupe of renegades.

Between eight o’clock and twenty-five to nine, Tiki washed last night’s dishes while I dried them. We became somewhat sunburnt when, on this glorious day, we spent two and a half hours doing battle with the remaining chicken coops, wire netting and Wandering Jew.

Once inside we shared a ‘tinny’ of Reschs DA and another, which contained Tooheys Draught. Tiki had thrice thrown cold water over me as I showered yesterday, therefore, I wet her backside when I had hold of the hose, in the garden, this morning. Needless to say, I, again, had cold water thrown over me in the shower today.

“Francis Joins The Navy”, a picture from 1955, is on television from one o’clock. It is another in the series of films about the talking mule of that name. It, again, features the extremely talented Donald O’Connor and includes an appearance by a young Clint “Rawhide” Eastwood.

Tiki blow-dried my hair in the spare bedroom and at ten past two we departed to walk to her parents’. Due to the fact that her aching neck had caused her to have a restless night, “Mum” was in bed, asleep. I walked down to “Dad”, who was aboard his boat, the “Ocean Swell”. I assisted him to seal its windows with black ‘Bumastic’. The wash from a passing boat must have caused the aerial upon its roof to snap, for it fell to the side decking. He pulled the launch into its wooden cradle by hand and after I had operated the winch we locked the vessel in the large boatshed.

“Dad” drove me to the Fountain Inn, in “Mum’s” pale yellow, 3500cc ‘Rover’ V8 sedan. I paid fourteen dollars and ninety-five cents for a takeaway meal for the four of us. He hadn’t been keen to shout Tiki and I to our share of the meal but “Mum”, who had arisen by that stage, instructed him to because, she reasoned, they had dined at our place last night. I had selected fillet steak in black bean sauce, while Tiki had opted for duck.

Brian Henderson was this evening’s guest on “This Is Your Life” at half past seven. The show is compered by Channel Seven’s principal newsreader, the amiable Roger Climpson. Born in Dunedin, New Zealand, on the 15th of September, in 1931, Brian began reading news on Channel Nine in Sydney, in January of 1957. During the week, he remains that station’s reader of the evening news, in opposition to Roger Climpson. From 1958 until 1972 he presented the musical series, “Bandstand”, also on Channel Nine.

Tiki and I walked home briskly and as a consequence were in time to view the film, “Thunderball”, which casts the Scottish actor, Sean Connery, as the British spy, James Bond, who has a ‘licence to kill’. Bearing the copyright of 1965, it is the fourth film of the series and includes among its cast the French actress, Claudine Auger. Welsh singer, Tom Jones, sings its theme, in my opinion a highly underrated recording, that bears the same title as the film.


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