‘The Sand Pebbles’: Wednesday, 12th October, 1977

It was already nineteen degrees Celsius at 8.30 a.m. At ten o’clock, “Behind The News” is presented by Barry Eaton. It includes segments on Japan, stamps, and the Russian performing bears. “People Of Many Lands”, which is also on A.B.C.-TV, follows at twenty past the hour and focuses upon northern India.

“Major Till” won the Coongy Handicap this afternoon from “Happy Union” and “Petekin”. The winner is expected to run in the Melbourne Cup.

Today’s maximum of twenty-eight degrees Celsius seemed far warmer. It is still twenty-six degrees at seven o’clock.

At half past seven the film, “The Sand Pebbles”, screens on Channel Seven. Despite the fact that it was made eleven years ago, this evening’s airing marks its premiere on television in Sydney. Steve “Wanted: Dead Or Alive” McQueen, Richard Attenborough, Candice Bergen and Richard “Our Miss Brooks”/”The Real McCoys”/”Slattery’s People” Crenna are members of its cast. I retired at twenty past eleven, having washed the dishes and put out the garbage.


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