Thirty-Seven Tomorrow: Thursday, 13th October, 1977

At 7.45 a.m. John Burles played Cliff Richard’s hit of 1963, “It’s All In The Game”, which had previously been successful for the American singer, Tommy Edwards, in 1951 and 1958. It was played to honour the fact that tomorrow will mark Cliff’s thirty-seventh birthday. Born as Harry Roger Webb, in Lucknow, northern India, the singer, songwriter and actor adopted the name of ‘Cliff’ from rock — as in rock and roll — and ‘Richard’, in honour of the early rocker, Little Richard. Cliff thought ‘Richards’ would sound more appropriate, however, his promoter, in 1958, convinced him that ‘Richard’ was ideal because reporters and journalists would call him ‘Richards’ and he could receive the added publicity by stopping them and making the correction.

I held an American gridiron football for the first time today. It bore the brand name of ‘Wilson’ and was weightier than I had expected it to be. Another first was the necessity to water our front lawn!

“Country Road”, at six o’clock, was hosted by Johnny Chester and included footage of Charley Pride performing his hit of 1971, “Kiss An Angel Good Mornin’ “, and, once again, Don Williams singing his hit of two years ago, “You’re My Best Friend”.

Roger Climpson read Channel Seven’s News from half past six. Sydney recorded a maximum temperature of twenty-seven degrees Celsius. After we had viewed “Willesee”, we left on our walk. Miranda Fair was crowded with late-night shoppers. There was a contest in progress on the shopping centre’s stage to determine which of the five participants could eat spaghetti the fastest.


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