An Advertisement That Does Not ‘Ad’ Up

There is a televised advertisement on behalf of McDonald’s screening in Australia. It features an Australian octogenarian couple, seated together in a park. The lady produces a slip of paper and asks of the gentleman if he remembers having handed it to her when she was sixteen. The handwritten admission reads: “IOU $6”. Without having received a verbal response, the lady informs the elderly man that it’s time to, as she puts it, ‘cough up’ — with the intent being of then spending it at ‘Maccas’. So far, so good!

However, I wasn’t born yesterday (my birthday was on the day before!) and having seen the advertisement twice or thrice I remarked to Tiki that its producers hadn’t done their homework, for if the lady is, indeed, in her eighties, or even her seventies, the IOU would have been expressed in pounds, shillings and pence.

Australia did not change to decimal currency until February of 1966.


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