The ‘Population Bomb’

There is scarcely a day that goes by when we do not here about the threat and perils of global warming. Tiki regularly reads to me editorials and readers’ comments from the newspaper and it was on such an occasion, in the later half of last year, that I was read one that really caught my attention.

The person of eighty years of age told of when he or she was born, the world’s human population was approximately that of two billion and of how in their eighty-first year it was approaching that of eight billion. This quadrupling in the population was referred to as the ‘population bomb’.

The writer went on to explain that the greater the population, the more food that needs to be supplied. This, of course, means that more land has to be cleared to grow crops and supply meat, dairy products et cetera. It also means that our seas and oceans are in ever increasing danger of being fished out. Already, countries’ territorial rights are being infringed upon, in regard to this!

The more people there are the more manufacturing is required and the more refuse is created. The carcasses of whales have begun to appear on shorelines, the victims of having ingested large amounts of plastic. Recently, I heard that the global population of insects will be extinct in a century. I also was informed by an expert on television that anyone who eats fish three times per week is ingesting eleven thousand microbeads in that short period of time. These are contained in shampoos and the like.

Surely, in order to combat climatic change, we must firstly address the core issue, namely, the ‘Population Bomb’?

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