Los Bravos

Although Los Bravos hailed from Spain, its leading singer, Mike Kennedy, was German by birth. Mike had changed his surname from that of Kogel because he reportedly believed that it would be more palatable to the British media.

The group sampled fame in the 1960s when its initial release, “Black Is Black”, became an international hit, in 1966. The single reached No.2 in Britain, No.4 in the United States and No.6 in Australia. In total, it was to sell more than one million copies.

Los Bravos’s only other success of note occurred in this same year when “I Don’t Care” peaked at No.16 in Britain.

In 1977, the French female vocal trio, La Belle Epoque, also took “Black Is Black” to No.2 in Britain, in the era of disco.

“Black Is Black”, by Los Bravos, is another of my favourite recordings.

In The ‘Poo’

This morning, as we were preparing to depart on our walk, I decided to use the toilet at the last minute. Aware that Tiki had already done likewise, I went about my business as per usual and was just about to employ the flush when I noticed that my deposit was not only resting in a copious amount of bubbles, it was separated by the toilet brush!

Not wishing to be figuratively in the dreaded ‘poo’, I called out to Tiki to attend to the situation; exclaiming that the brush was in the toilet.

I can’t say that I was surprised, when I was chided for not having checked that the bowl was clear before I had actually sat down.

“Cherry Lemonade”: Monday, 28th November, 1977

I purchased a packet of ‘Trend’ biscuits, which are produced by the company, Sunshine, at Ballarat. Returning home, I sat through a repetition of the series, “The Mod Squad”, from three o’clock on Channel Ten. It had Sammy Davis Jr., who portrayed a man stricken by a terminal disease, as its guest star. It was followed at four, and also on Channel Ten, by today’s edition of the pop music show, “Right On”, presented, as per usual, by Kobe Steele. It featured footage of David “Starsky And Hutch” Soul singing his latest release, “Silver Lady”.

I’ve been watering the back lawn this afternoon by placing the hose in the forks of trees and shrubs; this includes those of the waratah. I even placed the hose’s nozzle on the circular lid of the metal peg container, which looks as though it came with our old Hills Hoist as it is affixed to its stem. To prevent the nozzle from sliding off, I placed a brick on top of it.

At six, we watched the well-written, humorous programme of the series, “Doc”. It stars the elderly, bespectacled Barnard Hughes in the title role. On “Willesee”, at seven o’clock, Paul Makin clowned around with Sue Vanner and Dawn Rodrigues at Balmoral Beach. The actresses appear in the latest James Bond film, “The Spy Who Loved Me”. Ken Warby, the holder of the world water speed record, was also interviewed, at his home in Sydney. Despite his achievement he continues to struggle financially. Sir Henry Bolte, who was the Premier of Victoria for seventeen years, expressed the belief that Labor, under the prime ministry of Gough Whitlam “tore the guts out of Australia” during its three years in office. Sir Henry admitted that he is involved in the financing of advertisements that promote the Liberal Party in this period before the federal election.

We left at half past seven to jog and walk for forty minutes through Miranda and Gymea. Today was gloriously sunny with a maximum temperature of twenty-four degrees Celsius.

I knocked over the bottle of lemonade that I had been about to remove from the fridge. Consequently, when I opened it, the foamy liquid overflowed on to the table and even the floor!

Having cleaned up the mess and switched off the light, it suddenly dawned on me that I still hadn’t had my drink. Therefore, I ducked back into the kitchen and, without bothering to turn on the light, poured lemonade into a glass that was already on the table.

When I re-emerged and placed it on the coffee table in the loungeroom, Tiki burst into raucous laughter, for there, beneath the sparkling liquid were stones from the stewed cherries that we had eaten with ice-cream for dessert.

Australia’s first police serial, “Cop Shop”, premiered at half past eight on Channel Seven. Amongst its cast are George “Homicide” Mallaby, Rowena “The Rovers”/”Dynasty”/”Barrier Reef”/”Matlock Police”/”Homicide”/”Ryan”/”Number 96″/”Division 4″/”Glenview High” Wallace — both of whom were born in England — and Joanna Lockwood, who plays the stripper, Valerie Close.


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