Obsession Tires And Irks: Thursday, 24th November, 1977

Rain threatened as we drove to work. The day remained cold with the temperature reaching its zenith at just nineteen degrees Celsius. Tiki drove home, as I felt totally fatigued.

At half past five I watched the highlights from the first round of Colgate’s Champion of Champions tournament, which was played today at the Victoria Golf Club, in Melbourne. Bob Shearer, a Victorian, and the Queenslander, Mike Ferguson, share the lead at six under par.

At six o’clock it was time to watch the next edition of the American series, “Doc”, on Channel Seven. “Willesee” was followed by “Space 1999” and, an hour later, on Channel Two, the British comedy series, “The Liver Birds”.

Tiki is understandably somewhat irked by the fact that my compulsion to be a diarist is consuming more and more of my time. Therefore, in an attempt to, at least temporarily, assuage her, I combed her hair for a period of five minutes from nine o’clock.

My desire to scribe something diurnally began at the end of 1974 when I was handed a small, complimentary diary by a travel agent. At first, I wrote just one line per day. However, when I visited New Zealand for seven weeks in February and March of 1975 and met travellers in youth hostels who had kept detailed diaries for years I realised that I harboured the desire to follow suit.

A green substance called ‘Slime’, which comes in a light green plastic container and costs approximately one dollar and seventy-five cents, is a popular children’s plaything.

More and more refugees from Vietnam are continuing to arrive in Darwin, in all types of boats.

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