Thrilling News: Friday, 25th November, 1977

Tiki dried my hair and we left for work at a quarter to eight, just as it began to rain. Although the rain didn’t last for long, the sky remained overcast for the remainder of the day. During our return journey, Tiki told me that she will buy me a new golf bag, buggy and a brand-new set of clubs for my birthday next year. I’m thrilled!

I suggested that we go out for dinner and, therefore, Tiki looked through the yellow pages of the telephone directory and selected the restaurant, Cassidy’s Stagecoach, which is located upstairs and opposite Bob Pollard Discounts on the Kingsway, in Caringbah.

We sat in a corner beneath an old still that depicted the American Civil War and featured the actor, John Wayne. We were served by a woman dressed in tight blue jeans and a red top. The service was particularly slow, perhaps because we were drinking lemon squash, as opposed to wine.

Tiki ordered steak chasseur at a cost of four dollars and ninety-five cents and the woman recommended the Texan’s rib for me. It was twenty-five cents more than Tiki’s course and while it was tender, it was almost unbearably oily and all too obviously the source of too much cholesterol for me to enjoy.

A circular apple pie, that looked suspiciously as though it had been bought from a pie shop, was served with two scoops of ice-cream for dessert. A cup each of percolated coffee, accompanied by an after-dinner mint, resulted in a bill of fourteen dollars and seventy-five cents.

It was twenty past eight before we emerged. Tiki had set her mind on us walking to Cronulla from there and so she took a moment to change into what I term her “duck feet” flat-soled shoes. It was twenty minutes to ten when we returned to the car.

Tiki opted to retire to bed shortly after we arrived home, however, in order to write my diary, I remained up until five past eleven.


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