Unreturnable Bottles: Sunday, 27th November, 1977

Although we awoke firstly at half past six, we returned to slumber until a quarter to eight. I tickled Tiki’s back until half past the hour. That was when I heard the paperboy’s whistle.

As I read our copy of “The Sun-Herald”, which cost twenty cents, I listened to Sydney’s 2GB. It plays a selection of music from the 1940s to the present, however, this range can’t be of appeal to the general public, as in the latest survey of ratings it is listed as the radio station with the least number of listeners.

We left at a quarter to eleven and Tiki drove to a shop on Willarong Road, in Caringbah, to return six empty bottles that had contained lemonade. As I had attempted to tell her earlier, three of the bottles weren’t acceptable because they were non-returnable.

Tiki purchased a copy of the “Woman’s Day” and drove out to Kurnell in what was then warm sunshine. At the fruit market on the corner near the entrance to Captain Cook’s Landing Place, we bought oranges, apples, cherries, celery, pumpkin, grapefruit etcetera to the sum of eight dollars and sixty-eight cents.

It was a quarter to twelve by the time we returned and five to one when I turned on Channel Two’s live coverage of the final round of the tournament, Colgate Champion of Champions, from the Victoria Club, in Melbourne. The prize money totalled one hundred and fifty thousand dollars of which the winner, Bob Shearer, received thirty thousand.

Bob’s total of seven under par, placed him a stroke in advance of the quartet comprised of Britain’s Maurice Bembridge, Jack Newton, and the Americans Curtis Strange and John Benda. John had chipped in from a bunker at the last to card an eagle. Jack Newton had enjoyed a lead of two strokes until the fourteenth, and at one stage on the inward nine Bob Shearer had been three strokes from the lead.

“Ask The Leyland Brothers”, at half past five, transports the viewer to the historic Richmond Bridge and the former penal colony at Port Arthur, both of which are located in southern Tasmania, as well as the lakes at Mount Gambier, in South Australia. An hour later, ‘Feather Farm’ on “The Wonderful World of Disney” is about the ostrich farming in the early 1900s, in Arizona, and stars a young, clean-cut Nick Nolte.

Still on Channel Nine, “Hawaii Five-O” is followed, at half past eight, by “The Mind Of Mr. Soames”. A product of 1969, the movie features Robert “The Man From U.N.C.L.E.” Vaughn who plays the part of a medical wizard. The English actor, Terence Stamp, is cast as the man of thirty who has been in a coma since birth.


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